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Captain Scott Simpson’s Redfish Fishing Tips

Redfish Spinner, Bayou Chub Minnows and Buzz Bait

Now that I found these new baits made by Gary “Buck” Thompson, it has sure made catching Redfish a lot easier for me and my customers in all coastal waters of the Mississippi Gulf Coast. The Magnum Willow Leaf Gold Blades of the Redfish Spinner and Jr. with the inline Spinner just seem to drive the Redfish into an attacking mode. The flash and vibrations that are created by both the gold blades and Bayou Chub Minnow’s tail or the curly tails, really gets the attention of Redfish, which creates some fantastic strikes.

When presenting Bayou Buck’s Redfish Spinner Jr, and the “Red-Buzzard” Inline Buzz Bait, I like to fish several key areas. In Mississippi we are blessed with some fantastic wade fishing opportunities. Our barrier islands hold vast schools of nice size Redfish. I like to fish points, Oyster Shell piles, inlets to small channels along the banks, gullies just off the sand beaches and sight fishing for Redfish cruising just off the beach line. While fishing these areas, I always try to make my cast past the area that I feel the Redfish may be. I will work the bait in a slow enough manner, to keep it just off the bottom and right below the waters surface. When I know of an Oyster Reef or a stump bedded area, I make this same casting technique. I will make sure that I fan my cast out in order to cover every inch of the particular area being fished.

During the Summer months, the waters that surround our Mississippi Barrier Islands get very clear. During the midday hours when the sun is about at its twelve o’clock position, I like to walk the shallow sand flats (with a good pair of polarized glasses) and sight fish the Redfish. Using this technique I will cast Bayou Buck’s Redfish Spinner past the swimming Redfish just enough to bring my bait right in front of the fish. He cannot stand having the Magnum Willow Leaf Blades with the Bayou Chub Minnow’s or curly tails pass in front of him without striking at it. This technique will work about 99% of the time. When sight fishing for the Reds on the shallow flats, keep in mind that when you see him, he will most likely be able to see you, so move very slow and always be looking for a swimming or tailing fish.
Till next time, keep those Bayou Buck Lures swimming and catching.


Capt. Scott Simpson / Impulsive Charters

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