Georgia Saltwater Fishing
for Redfish, Speckled Trout and Pompano

Captain JJ guides out of Savannah, Georgia. and has fished blue water, green water and inshore waters all of his life. He has won many local fishing tournaments in billfish, kingfish, redfish and trout. Having fished in the Bahamas, Mexico, Venezuela, Costa Rico, Guatemala and Cuba, the Capt. has settled down into mostly inshore fishing with artificial lures. The coastal Georgia waters are good for tarpon, trout, redfish, flounder and many other inshore species.

Capt. Jackie Johnson’s Georgia Fishing Tips

My first experience with Bayou Buck lures was a 5/8 oz. “Oyster Proof” Redfish spinner bait. I started with a slow retrieve of the big chartreuse bladed lure and lemon meringue tail over a shell bed and to my surprise a nice 26” Redfish was hooked up on my second cast. I caught and released 5 more Redfish that evening before the tide had gotten up in the grasses.

The next day, I contacted Gary “Buck” Thompson and requested more lures for Redfish and Trout. A few weeks ago I had an early morning trip with an incoming tide. We fished a river inlet near a grass flat and good success using the “Red-Buzzard” for top water action. If you like top water fishing, you’ll love the action and hook up ratio with these lures. I have used these in glow, lemon meringue, smoke and kopper tails with the red blade.

Another very good lure is the Pop-n-Prop. I use the weighted version with a 12” to 15” fluorocarbon leader and a Shrimpaler hook. The color of tail is according to the water clarity that day, but, I prefer the lemon meringue, glow and smoke colors. This lure works good on Trout, Redfish and Pompano. The Trout will get so excited by the noise, they actually will hit the float some time.

For the deepwater drops here, I use the 5/8 oz. jig head Redfish Spinner with chartreuse blade and a lemon meringue tail. I have had good success with a slow retrieve pattern bumping the bottom with these.

Here in Coastal Georgia we fish over oyster shell beds, grass flats, submerged trees and on the points of river and creek inlets. I have used many types and brands of lures with success, but, these lures of “Bucks” are of very high quality and they work. They don’t just catch fishermen, they catch fish. Good Luck, keep the line tight and the tip up !!!

Capt. JJ

Bayou Buck Fishing Lures