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Jig Heads

Jig Heads

"Bio-Buddy" Jig Head!

Designed especially to be used with the biodegradable scented natural baits, same strong and sharp hook as on the Catahoula Hooker but with the Shrimpaler Locking Collar. The Shrimpaler Collar will totally lock your biodegradable bait and will get you hours of use and the boxing glove head design will keep all bios and plastic running true without rolling. Caution:You will need scissors or a sharp knife to remove your bio bait. (Scissors Not Included)

Natural No-Paint Finish:
Black Nickel Rust Resistant Hook
Four to a pack

75A  1/8 oz 2/0
75B  1/8 oz 3/0
75C  1/8 oz 4/0

80A   1/4 oz  2/0
80B   1/4 oz  3/0
80C   1/4 oz  4/0

$4.79  /  4 Pack


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"Deep Hole Special"

"Especially Designed for New England Striper Fishing and Lake Ponchartrain Trout Fishing", works great for all  fishing with strong currents or water over 10 feet deep

80D  3/8 oz 4/0

$5.25  /  4 pack


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Jig Heads

Jig Head Fishing Hooks

Painted "Bio-Buddy" Jig Head!


75B CH  1/8 oz 3/0 Chartreause
75B FO  1/8 oz 3/0 Fire Orange

80B BL    Black  1/4 oz 3/0
80B WH  White 1/4 oz 3/0
80B CH   Chartreause 1/4 oz 3/0
80B FO   Fire Orange
1/4 oz 3/0

$5.25 / 4 Pack


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Catahoula Hooker™

Painted lead jig head hooks
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Lead Jig Head

Image Red Fish Hooks
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Catahoula Hookers™ in 1/8 & 1/4 oz.  3/0 Hook


1/4 oz. 2/0

1/4 oz. 2/0 Hooks. Perfect size to match the popular small 2 1/2" to 3" swimming minnow soft plastics used to hammer summer and winter time specked trout. Same strong and sharp black nickel hook used on Catahoula 3/0 and 4/0.

Catahoula Hooker™

1/8 - 1/4 oz. Jig Heads with 2/0 & 3/0 Hooks

"Get a leg up on the fish"

This Jig Head has a touch of Louisiana flavor with two color eyes like the Catahoula Curr Hound Dog, but the collars and 3/0 & 2/0 black nickel wide gap hook make this Jig Head lethal.

Weight - Hook Size - Color

1/8 oz  3/0 Hook
1/4 oz  3/0 Hook
820  Black
830   Black
821  Pearl White
831  Pearl White
822  Chartreause
832  Chartreause
823  Fire Orange
833  Fire Orange

1/4 oz. 2/0 Hooks
830-A Black 831-A White

All above sizes and colors come 4 to a pack
Price: $5.25

Size / Color

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"Naked/Eyes" Catahoula Hooker

4 pk. Lead jig head    1/4oz  3/0  & 2/0 Hooks

Price: $5.25


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Catahoula Hooker™  in 1/8 - 1/4 oz.  3/0 - 2/0 Hooks

825  Brown with Gold Glitter  1/8 oz.  3/0 Hook
Camo with Red Glitter  1/8 oz. 3/0 Hook
834  Cerise with Hologram Glitter 1/4 oz. 3/0 Hook
836  Metallic Purple with Gold Glitter  1/4 oz. 3/0 Hook
837  Camo with Red Glitter
  1/4 oz. 3/0 Hook

836-A  Purple with Gold Glitter 1/4 oz 2/0 Hook

Price $5.25  4 Pk. 


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The Shrimpaler 2™

Fishing hooks Shrimpaler 2 TM
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Sample of Shrimpaler 2™ rigged with U-99. Awesome for sight fishing reds.

Shrimpaler 2™ Rigging Tips from Capt Mike Manis Florida




"Hook Podnuh"™

Hook Podnuh TM
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 The Shrimpaler 2™

No Glue, no slip, saves skin & plastic

Add the "Hook Podnuh"™ for jerk baits or impale straight in plastic for open hook method.

Weights and Hook size:

1/16 - 1/8 - 1/4 oz.

2/0 - 3/0 - 4/0 - 5/0 Hook size.

Includes 4 Hooks and 2 "Hook Podnuhs"™ per pk.

Price: $4.79


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"Hook Podnuh" ™

"Your Hooks Best Friend"

New Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Spring that has a Universal Clip that securely attaches to most hook sizes. Pliers are not needed to clip and secure the spring on. Once it is clipped on it stays on! Just screw on your favorite plastic.

Price:  $2.95 for 10 pk.


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The Shrimpaler™

No-Slip fishing hooks
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Works great under the
Pop-N-Prop and Pogeaux Pop Corks

The Shrimpaler™
No-Slip Weighted Hook
"Get Longer Life out of your Plastic Baits"

Weighted Collar Hook - No Glue Needed - Rust Resistant Black Nickel Hook.  Once impaled in a plastic shrimp, grub or minnow it will not slip off the hook.

Weight & Hook Size:
800  1/8 oz  2/0 Hook
801  1/8 oz  3/0 Hook

802  1/8 oz  4/0 Hook

803  1/4 oz  3/0 Hook
804  1/4 oz  4/0 Hook

1/16 oz 2/0 Hook
805A 1/16 oz 3/0 Hook

805B 1/16 oz 4/0 Hook

All come 4 to a pack

Price: $4.69


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Stingamajig ™ Hooks

Saltwater No-Slip fishing hooks
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Ideal for
Tandem Trout Rigs
under the Pogeaux Pop or the
Pop-n-Prop corks

Stingamajig ™ Hooks

Multi Purpose Hook - Can be used as a Trailer Hook on Buzz Baits - Jig Hook for Soft Plastics - Drop Shot Rig.

Weight & Hook Size:

810  1/16 oz 2/0 Hook 4 pk.
811  1/16 oz 3/0 Hook 4 pk.

Price: $4.69



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