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4 1/2"
Replacement Curly Tails

Fat Body Fishing Lures

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4 1/2 " Fat Body Curly Tails

These curly tails work great on ZZ Spot Spinners for Redfish and will wear speckled trout up tightlined with the Catahoula Hooker Jig Head.

The Smoke Black Pepper/Chartreause Tail is extremely effective for Specks in Louisiana.

* Pumpkinseed with Chartreause tail 
White with Chartreause tail 
* Smoke Black Pepper with Chartreause tail 
* Watermelonseed with Red tail

10 pk --- $3.95


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50 pk --- $18.00


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Gleaux Shrimp ™

Gleaux Shrimp
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Gleaux Shrimp ™


4" Extra tough plastic - Works great for Speckled Trout in combination with the Shrimpaler fished under the Pogeaux Pop or Pop-n-Prop Corks.

10 pk --- $3.95

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Safety Spin™ Frames

Brass & Copper

Spinner Frames
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2010 Brass

Safety Spin Frames

Super strong no bend short arm wire

No. 3 1/3 deep cut Coloradeaux blade

Jig head not included

Lacquered Brass
2012 No. 4 Colorado Lacquered Brass
2013 No. 4 Colorado Lacquered Copper
2014 No. 4 Colorado Nickel
2018 No. 4 Colorado Powder Coated Chartreause Blade

2 per pack

Price: $3.95



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