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Mississippi Fishing Tips

Mississippi fishing tips for Redfish and Speckled Trout

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White Fishing Team’s Tips for Using Bayou Buck Lures

ZZ Spinners

The Bayou Buck ZZ Spinner is a must have for any serious redfish angler. Whether sight fishing the oyster flats or fan casting the banks, in a tournament or filling our ice box, we always have the ZZ Spinner tied on to one of our rods. We use the Oyster Proof ZZ Spinner while fishing in and around snags such as heavy vegetation and oyster bars. This helps reduce tackle loss and hang ups. When the water is more open, we switch back to the “Original ZZ Spinner to ensure a quality hook set. Our most productive colors are purple with a chartreuse tail and the glow curly tail grubs. Vary the retrieve on this bait to see what mood the fish are in. Some days the fish may like it as slow as you can possibly reel to keep the blades moving Other days ripping it just under the surface or actually breaking the surface at times may mean the difference in a one or two fish trip and catching your limit.

Gumbo Spoon

The Gumbo Spoon is one of the best baits which mimic a redfish’s favorite meal, the crab. One of our favorite methods using the Gumbo Spoon is finding an area with submerged weeds and a good strong tide. Position your boat parallel with the edge of the weeds and point it up current. Throw the Gumbo Spoon up current and fish it slowly, mimicking the motion of a crab caught in the current. Jig the Gumbo Spoon off the bottom, letting the tide do most of the work and ………ZZZZ……Hang ON!

Safety Spin

The Safety Spin is a great bait to use while covering a lot of water quickly. While pre-fishing for upcoming tournaments and searching for productive water, we use this bait due to its compact design and ability to bounce over debris easily. Try to match the color of the Bayou Chub with the color of the natural forage around the area you are fishing. If there are a great number of finger mullet; use a glow colored Bayou Chub. If the dominate forage is crab; stick with darker colors such as purple with a chartreuse tail.

Catahoula Hookers

The Catahoula Hookers jig head is one of the strongest jig hooks made. You never have to worry about bending a hook or point. We use the Catahoula Hooker along with several different types of plastics from jerk baits to grubs. One of our favorite methods to catch trout and reds for the ice box is to rig a Catahoula Hooker and curly tail grub under a Pogeaux Pop Cork. Vary the leader length between the cork and the Catahoula Hook between 1 and 3 ft. Let the fish tell you which length is better.

Mississippi fishing tips

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