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Florida fishing tips for Snook, Redfish, Sea Trout and Flounder using Bayou Buck Lures

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Capt. Michael Manis

(941) 628-7895

Capt. Michael Manis
is a professional guide and redfish tournament angler from southwest Florida who specializes in the use of artificial baits.

Most of my time is spent in the backcountry of Matlacha and Pine island Sound. These inshore tidal flats contain some of both the cleanest and clearest water anywhere are very shallow and are also full of thick turtle grass mixed in with deeper sand spots or potholes. The result is some of the most prime redfish habitat in the state. Due to these conditions, the fish can be a bit on the cautious side so stealth is vital. In my travels on the professional redfish tournament trail, I have found that redfish in many other venues are also frightened very easily. If you ever find yourself in this situation, here is a tip to help you increase your casting distance which will also increase your hookups. I fish a lot of soft plastic shrimp patterns and I like to rig my baits backwards using the 1/8 ounce 4/0 Shrimpaler 2 rig. By doing this, the head or heaviest end of the bait instead of the lighter tail section is out front on the cast enabling much more distance. For example, I will cut off the tail of a three inch Gulp shrimp and screw the hitchhiker into the where the tail was cut off. I will then set the hook into the belly of the shrimp making for a long distance weedless presentation. Moreover, by cutting off the tail section the bait will exude even more scent than usual. This style rig combined with the quality construction and sharp edge of the Shrimpaler 2 makes a great combination.

Good Fishing,
Captain Michael Manis
(941) 628-7895

Florida Fishing with Capt Mike Manis

Jack Hartman

Sarasota, Florida

Florida Snook


Email Capt Jack Hartman

Phone:  941-951-0819


Fishing tips for Snook, Redfish, Spotted Sea Trout and Flounder

by Sarasota Florida fishing guide Jack Hartman

As a Sarasota Florida fishing guide for many years, I have seen many new lures come and go over the years, but I have never seen anything like the impact that Bayou Buck’s lures have had in the Sarasota/Bradenton area in such a short time. The 3 new lures that have hit the Southwest Florida fishing scene and have produced both high quality catches with a enormous variety of local species are the Shrimpaler, Pogeaux Pop and the ZZ Spot Spinners.

Used in a assortment of ways, the Shrimpaler are now becoming the “go to” hook for a growing number of local anglers and guides. For fishing extremely shallow water, the Shrimpaler 2 ,in the 1/8 size with the extra sharp VMC hooks, is deadly for Snook, Redfish, Large Sea Trout and Flounder. Rigged with your favorite plastic 5” jerkbaits or large curly tail grub, it is both weedless and enticing all game fish. The advantage of the Shrimpaler 2 is that the weighed hook causes it to sink in a horizontal manner giving the angler the benefit of keeping the lure in the “strike zone” longer when fishing potholes, sandbars or oyster bars. Shrimpaler 2’s as well as the regular Shrimpaler are excellent choices when sight fishing also. When you see a Redfish or Snook on the flats, it is almost a guaranteed strike. The standard Shrimpaler is an outstanding option for all kinds of jerkbaits, grubs, artificial shrimp and live shrimp. The weighted collar hook keeps all plastics in place fish after fish which certainly gives the Shrimpaler an advantage over other products. Used around docks, mangrove holes, stick ups and other small target areas, the Shrimpaler is easy to throw and fish love the action.

I have used the Pogeaux Pop for a short time now with clients who range from expert to absolute novice. So far, we have caught Snook, Reds, Sea Trout, Flounder, Bluefish, Spanish Mackerel, Snapper, Grouper( to 22”), Sheepshead, Pompano, Ladyfish, Jack Crevalle and when I see a Cobia or Tripletail, I am certain they will hit it also. Later in the day or really any time, find scattered grass in water of 3 to 6 ‘ for fishing the Pop. In Sarasota, we rig the Pogeaux Pop with about 3’ of mono leader( #30) and either an artificial shrimp or live shrimp on a Shrimpaler hook. ALWAYS replace the hooks/weight in artificial shrimp with a Shrimpaler, as they will soon ride up and you will begin to miss fish. Glow is a hot color here right now, so give the Gleaux shrimp a try. It is economical and out fishes the artificial shrimp we have available in Florida. To fish the Pogeux Pop , simply cast it out pop it a couple of times and let the spring action create a clattering sound, reel up your slack and repeat. The Popeaux Pop’s sound will call in fish from long distances.

Finally, Bayou Buck’s "ZZ Spot Spinners" are very effective along mangrove edges, oyster bars, or when you are trying to locate Redfish in a large flat. Blind casting the ZZ Spot Spinner Jr. or Oyster Jr. with Exudes or Darts is both easy and effective. In our local backwater, canal or mangrove areas, the water is often slightly discolored and the Redfish really hone in on the swirling blades of both of these lures. An added attraction to the spinners is that they are extremely angler friendly. Simply cast it out a long distance for maximum coverage and reel it in just above the bottom with a steady retrieve that allows the lure to flash and vibrate. Hitting the bottom on occasion seems to trigger strikes as well. Hold on tight…the Redfish strike it violently.

Hope to see ya on the water,

Captain Jack Hartman

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